Management / Production 

Chrissy Mazzullo - Independent Talent Manager

Chrissy is a mother of two with a long history in the entertainment Industry.  Chrissy is the lead singer in the band "Tailspin" she has travelled across the country performing with her band since she was a teenager.  Chrissy worked for G&G Talent for a short time in 2009/2010, at the end of 2010 she took some time off to raise a family. Chrissy is truly an asset to the business and we are very happy to have her back.

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G & G Talent

Angela Gulizio - Owner/Executive/Queen Bee

Angela Gulizio founded G&G Talent over 15 years ago and quickly made a name for herself and her clients as representing great diversity and versatility. Not only a successful manager, Angela is also known for being a producer, having successfully produced the critically acclaimed short film, “The Mourning After”. Angela has been a member of The Talent Managers Association since 2008, and served on the Board of Directors from 2010 to 2011. Other tributes also include background-casting director on the award winning short films, Draw, Heart & Soul, Shadayim and Excuse me for Living. Her perseverance has won acclaim from many high-profile individuals within the industry, enabling her to continue with producing and directing.